Who do You work for??


One of the essential questions that we face as entrepreneurs and simply as human being is: who do I work for. I mean that in a figurative and literal way because you can work for a cause, a person or an idea that drives you every day.

What makes you get up in the morning? Do you get up because you have to or do you get up because you want to? OK, let’s be real for a moment, we all have to get up and be productive. What I mean is not as literal as that but rather, do you get up because of your obligation to go to work to pay your bills or do you get up because you want to take on new challenges and make progress on your own life’s quest. If you get up to try and pay your bills you are probably in a miserable place right now (and most of us have been there). If this is your case you have to remember that all things in life are temporary if you do what needs to be done to change them. At the same time, this applies to those who have achieved success. If you rest on your laurels then you can quickly fall and go right back to where you started.

Another thing that’s essential is that you don’t become a slave to money. We have to work to accomplish things and money is a by-product. I’m not neglecting the importance of money I’m simply saying that it is not what you should work for because if money is the ultimate goal, your counterpart will likely notice it. If then you are perceived as working for the money, you weaken your position because nobody likes a greedy person. You have to understand that money is a curse, disguised as a blessing; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. With a million dollars comes a million problems. So don’t chase the money! Go after what motivates you and the money will come too.

I think the best way to determine what you work for is to simply ask yourself. What do I want? The answer to that question should be a part of your equation to define your actions. When you know what you are working for you can better understand yourself and make changes as they become necessary. The key word here is awareness. Without it you will quickly be lost and most likely never be happy either.

Do you want to work for yourself or do you want to work for others? If you can’t shoulder the risks and responsibilities then don’t venture out on your own. If you are not ready, willing and able to learn and adapt every single day, then don’t venture out on your own. These are important questions that we tend to neglect to answer because we are blinded by false ambition and silly dreams of jets, mansions, yachts and what not. Success is the reward in itself and that is what you should seek. The feeling of getting things done is more important than what you can buy with the money you make. 

In short, you need to define objectives and please make them realistic. If you determine several levels of objectives you can appreciate small success much more. Once you hit milestone after milestone you will feel confident and motivated, which consequently allows you to gain more momentum with additional motivation. If you set unrealistic goals then you set yourself up for failure because 99% of people will be discouraged if it takes too long to reach a goal.

So ask yourself, who do I work for and what do I work for. Once you can answer these questions you are one step further towards getting what you deserve. Whatever it may be, I hope you reach your goals when the time is right.


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