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Who do You work for??

Who do You work for??

One of the essential questions that we face as entrepreneurs and simply as human being is: who do I work for. I mean that in a figurative and literal way because you can work for a cause, a person or an idea that drives you every day. What makes you get up in the morning?

Show me how strong you are!

Life is a string of victories and defeats. These two types of life events have puzzled mankind and numerous known thinkers of the past and present. When I was looking for motivation in my early years I sought out the wisdom of people that I knew had attained a certain status quo in their lives.

Creative structure… Go with the flow…

You have to have structure in your life or it all goes to sh*”%. It may sound harsh but its the truth! A structure is a little bit like a map, a guideline to get to where you want to go every day. You have to set a structure in order to be the best

Motivation is key…

What you need most in order to achieve your goals is motivation. How many times did I come across that type of peson who is stuck in his or her life but talking a big game about success and venturing out to take the world of business by storm – well, 99.99% of these people

A business plan doesn’t mean s”*%&

In my time as an entrepreneur I’ve seen many business plans – especially since I was selecting businesses to showcase at some point in my career. Every so called businessman can write a business plan but there is so much more to this than following a plan from a book or what not. One of

No Brain No Gain?

When it come to intelligence, I think we are all ridden by the same perception and it is that you need to be super smart to be successful – but that’s most probably not true. A lot of people will (once again) use other people’s higher intelligence as an excuse for their own failure, when

Humble is Best

In life, no matter what you do, you should always be humble. You know why? Because humble more often than not keeps away the haters and it keeps your success in perspective. If your success(es) cloud your judgement you stand a much higher chance at losing everything you have. If you are an achiever and

Don’t Feed the Greed

In business, there are always crucial questions to be answered. When you talk to clients you have to make sure that they get what they want and perception is everything. There is one thing that will kill any business (sooner or later) and that’s greed. You have to be mindful of what people are willing

Burn the self help and motivation books

Hey everyone! I wanted to give you my thoughts on all of those self help and or motivational books with the “key to success”…. Frankly, its all bullshit. OK, there’s a few good guys out there who publish books that make some sense but mind you, its part of their revenue stream… They are selling