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The Business Process

I recently put together a chain of thoughts for one of my businesses because I felt like the team was in need of direction, when it came to the creation of opportunity. My leadership style is always built around suggestion. I’ve chosen this method because when you impose something on your employees or partners then

Who do You work for??

One of the essential questions that we face as entrepreneurs and simply as human being is: who do I work for. I mean that in a figurative and literal way because you can work for a cause, a person or an idea that drives you every day. What makes you get up in the morning?

Luxury defined!

An essential question you can strive to answer for yourself is: what is luxury? In an ever changing world, the definition of luxury is worlds apart for a lot of people. For example! 20 years ago, it was a luxury for someone to own a mobile phone. Today, it’s is a luxury NOT to have