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To the Victor go the Spoils

To the Victor go the Spoils

Do you know what is just as important as putting in the hard work? Enjoying the spoils of your victories! Day in and day out you are giving your best to get to where you want to go and if you finally get there, you have to enjoy the moment and compensate yourself for the

Balance! Be quick but take your time…

In almost every culture around the globe there are sayings and stories that suggest that we should go slowly if we want to reach our goals. This applies to all areas of our lives from friendships, to raising children and naturally also to the topic that interests us the most – entrepreneurship. Wisely, and slow.

The Business of Art 

There are few industries that hold as much value as the art world and its a very intriguing space to be active in. I’ve been in and out of the art business for two decades now and it remains fascinating! I’ve made money and also lost money in this business but in the end I’ve

The Business Process

I recently put together a chain of thoughts for one of my businesses because I felt like the team was in need of direction, when it came to the creation of opportunity. My leadership style is always built around suggestion. I’ve chosen this method because when you impose something on your employees or partners then

Who do You work for??

One of the essential questions that we face as entrepreneurs and simply as human being is: who do I work for. I mean that in a figurative and literal way because you can work for a cause, a person or an idea that drives you every day. What makes you get up in the morning?

The eternal of luxury

I’ve been thoroughly immersed in the luxury industry for the better part of a decade and I’ve seen a lot of things. Things you would see in movies or the stuff you would dream about when you’re thinking about what life could be like if you were rich. I’ve encountered some of the most inconceivable

Blurred lines of business…

In today’s world, the rules are always shifting and what’s legal today may be illegal tomorrow. It seems to me that the biggest fortunes are created where the lines are blurred, but that’s not a secret… Just take the trade of Marijuana in the USA nowadays. Yesterday this plant was the devil and today its the

Cheap Money & Big Opportunities!

I suppose that there is only so much general business philosophy I can write about without boring you all to death… If you follow this blog its most likely because you are interested in business and entrepreneurship and there is one thing that greatly affects business: currencies! The cost and availability of money, foreign and domestic,

No risk no fun

The entrepreneur, by definition, undertakes ventures. By doing so, he (or she) is taking risks. In my opinion it is those risks that make our breed feel alive. Much like a soldier or mercenary choses to go into battle to put his life at stake in order to feel alive and to win, we put

Ideas! Write them down!

We all have ideas! Some are better than others and a few are even worth a whole lot of money. That’s why it is important not to lose them when they come to you. The brain is a tricky little thing and it can’t be trusted to always work like you want it to. Depending