No risk no fun


The entrepreneur, by definition, undertakes ventures. By doing so, he (or she) is taking risks. In my opinion it is those risks that make our breed feel alive. Much like a soldier or mercenary choses to go into battle to put his life at stake in order to feel alive and to win, we put our livelihood on the line to get what we want. Yes of course it is silly to compare someone who risks his life to someone who risks his savings but in a way they are the same.

Today’s warriors for the most part are no longer armed with daggers, knives, pistols or grenades and we don’t fight in the mud. Today our weapons are our laptops, our smartphones, our cheque book and the battle ground is the meeting room – although these places get just as dirty as battlefields. Sometimes your opponent gets stripped of everything he has and at times the loser may feel that he’d be better off dead. That is the reality we live in today and I’ve seen it happen many times.

Regardless, a life without risk is a life half lived. You have to feel your heart beating in your chest, feel your blood rushing through your veins because otherwise you are just one of the billions of zombies living off the life support of society. Like the three monkeys – don’t hear, don’t see, don’t speak – or better yet, don’t touch, don’t feel, don’t taste the thrill of life.

The essence of my line of thought is this: if you want to get the things you want; be it materialistic or ideologic, you have to go out on a limb to get them. I’ve never seen anything worth having that was easy to get.

At times, a risk is also a shortcut of some sort because the path less traveled is generally the more rewarding one. If you walk on the well-paved roads all your life you will face minor obstacles and you will most likely only see the rewards of the elite through a shop window, in a glossy magazine, or hear tales about the good life.

You want to spend a month on an island in paradise? Then make the effort to afford it. You want to retire by age 40? Then work hard, work smart and take the risks worth taking. This is something I’m writing from experience because I have taken countless risks and I continue to do so every day. Sometimes I jump at risks like a renegade and sometimes I take them with great care and calculations but if I don’t take risks I will kick myself later. One man’s risky business is another man’s daily bread. You can become seasoned at taking risks and become highly skilled at predicting the outcome. The rush you get from “being right” in the end is priceless.

I despise all of those who live only in theory. The ones who build castles in the sky but never do anything that will really make them feel alive. What kind of a life is that? I encourage you all to take the occasional risk and to venture out of your comfort zone!

I’m not saying that you should do anything foolish – like throw away your rent money at the casino – but there are risks worth taking and many will bare great rewards. I enjoy a trip to the casino like the next man, but never beyond the point where it transitions from being fun to some obsession to win or worse, to try to win your money back. Life is about having a good time and that’s what you must aim for. If its not enjoyable then don’t do it (but still do the dishes and laundry at home please)!

Don’t be a sprinter either, pace yourself and don’t bet it all on one hand. The road is long and you have to ration your resources. Life is a roller coaster and in real life these mechanical devices are so much fun to the masses because they provide a thrill that the average joe can only get there. I don’t go on roller coasters because I get my kicks all day long just by being at my office, wheeling and dealing. Which is better you think? I hope you are on your way to a great ride…


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