Never Stop…


A lot of people ask me how I achieve certain things and the simple answer is that I just never stop. When you are a “9 to 5″ person, there is only so much you can achieve in a day, provided that you are even motivated to achieve something on behalf of your employer. That’s another issue that you will face as an entrepreneur but its a subject for another time.

I’ve written about speed, pace, accuracy, efficiency and all of that but I wanted to give you another look at my personal philosophy. Again, this is easily explained: regardless of your achievements, you should never stop.

There are many who will be pleased with a certain result, a specific achievement and once they get there they simply slow down or stop all together. To me, that’s not how it works. Maybe its not a sane approach or even a healthy one but I just don’t think that stopping is ever going to be in the cards. I don’t strive towards retirement or financial milestones that will allow me to live a comfortable life without working – because working is my life. Its all a matter of perspective.

I also think that the people who work to make money, even if they have set high goals, are somewhat mediocre because there is so much to gain beyond money. The art of the deal and the thrill of the hunt are just two examples of those pleasant, additional gains you should pursue. Don’t just try to make money – its boring and will not make you happy.

Now, as always there is a flip-side to this philosophy, please read closely.

You must tune your mind to allow downtime without letting your brain go off the rails. The typical example for this inability to stop and look around are workaholics. I’ve defined myself as a workaholic but I exercise a certain control over this in order to maintain a healthy balance. By all of this I mean that you should be able to hit the pause button with your ventures, focus on yourself and most importantly, spend valuable time with those who you love and who love you. If you don’t do any of those things you will break and all of your so called achievements will be utterly useless. If you are travelling with your family to a new place where you’ve never been before and for most of the trip you have your face (and mind) buried in your smartphone then you will miss life all together… Of course there is a certain time for everything in life but don’t let this way of living take away your actual life. Never stop, but live a little…

Now that you are aware of the flip-side you need to ask yourself if you want to use it as an excuse to work less, which is something that I’ve seen in people many times; or if you want to make your minutes, hours and days count as much as possible. Let me put it this way: you need to be present in the moment and make as much of every minute of your life as you possibly can. Never just sit around with an idle mind. Use all the tools at your disposal to get what you want for you and those you cherish. You want to work only a few days a week so that you can spend time with your loved ones? Then make the time at work count 100%. There are many effective ways to enhance your performance. As trivial as a shorter lunch break or an optimised timing for certain tasks. Try to do one thing at any given time because if you juggle several tasks it will take you longer to get either of them done properly.

Make your time count and remember that It is hard to stop someone who never quits.


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