how fast do you move?


The pace at which you move is an important element in your life in both, business and pleasure. I already wrote about structure but pace is equally relevant. Why? Because if you move too fast you make mistakes and if you move too slow you will miss out. You have to find the right balance! If you are really skilled at something and you can move fast, then spend some time checking it again when you are done (or when you think you are done).

Another thing that’s important to consider is that you need to pace yourself! Life is a marathon and not a sprint.

The problem that I encounter in most people is that they are simply not effective. They are certainly motivated to do something and to become someone but they are simply not effective. You can spend days or weeks on a task and never get it done because you lack focus, vision, understanding or clarity. A lot of people also get distracted and jump from task to task but nothing ever gets finished. What I find most useful when it comes to time management is to schedule things in the morning. You determine what needs to be done and then you simply go and do it! Sounds simple and straight forward? Because that’s the way to go! Build times of extreme productivity into your schedule and utilise your evenings as well because you know that you will be less solicited after business hours. If you are not productive and efficient, you don’t have to be surprised when you don’t reach the goals you set.

Time is precious and must not be wasted. If you have spare time that is not used to do something useful then you are doing something wrong. I have to interject at this point that doing nothing is very useful sometimes – you need to and deserve to relax! What I mean is that your time should always be well spent and whatever you do should serve a specific goal (long term or short term doesn’t matter). If you find yourself sitting around without a purpose – you need to get moving and do something because that may well make the difference between you and the next guy.

I started this post with a statement about pace, so let me get back to that. In today’s day and age, it’s all about speed… Who is the fastest to get information and to act on it. “You snooze you lose” is more true than ever. Your reputation is also impacted by your speed because nobody likes a slacker but on the flip-side, everybody loves a speedy completion of any given task.

You have to keep moving; do your best to get things done in a reasonable amount of time and its always a good idea to compare yourself and your performance to other people who are doing the same or a similar thing as you. Did you know that most sharks need to swim constantly in order to survive? That’s an interesting lesson from nature because the shark is the most evolved predator on the planet and he never stops moving… Be a shark!


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