Flying in the Face of Recession

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If the aviation industry is any kind of barometer of economic recovery then the recent exponential growth of Air Partner, one of the world’s leading aviation companies, is a sure indication that things are looking up.

A company’s balance sheet may not be one of the most obvious considerations when chartering a jet, but it’s worth considering that financial ‘integrity’ of the carrier is vital in an industry that’s not closely regulated, and one that carries risk of failure involving complex operations and personal safety. This month, the UK company has enjoyed exponential growth in recent years across its three divisions – private jets, commercial airliners and cargo aircraft – reports an increase of 22 per cent in private jet revenues and an underlying profit of 47 per cent in the 12 months leading up to 31 July 2013.

Air Partner’s run of success has been further boosted by a recent announcement that the company has been voted “Best Private Aviation Company, Europe-2013” by European CEO Magazine.  The accolade acknowledges the exemplary service offering by the only aviation company to hold a Royal Warrant in the context of a changing world where private jet charter is no longer the preserve of the super-rich and corporate elite, rather a luxurious, time efficient and convenient way of travel embraced by a wider range of businesses and individuals than ever before.

Mark Briffa, CEO of Air Partner commented, “Whilst the commercial jet division is growing and cargo remains strong, we are especially pleased with the success of the private jet division. This is partly due to a 35 per cent growth in sales and renewals of the company’s JetCard.”

The JetCard affords 25 or more hours of flight time on new-generation private jets at lower prices than those offered by similar schemes. It can be used to travel anywhere in the world at any time. Air Partner has just sold its first $1 million card to a US corporate client, while an independent report conducted by Conklin and de Decker in May 2013 concluded that Air Partner provided a better jet card service than NetJets in four out of six areas.

“We have succeeded in growing our business through the challenging economic years and there are no signs of this upturn declining”, Briffa continued, “Recent events endorse our efforts and provide greater impulsion to our business activities while demonstrating the increased appetite for jet charter for business and personal travel in the UK and around the world.”

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Prices for the JetCard start at around €125,000 ($170,000)