Feeding The World, One Bag At A Time

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FEED was set up in 2006 when model and activist Lauren Bush designed a bag for the United Nations World Food Programme’s (WFP) School Feeding program. As a WFP Honorary Student Spokesperson, Lauren visited countries around the world in Asia, Latin America and Africa where WFP is operating, and was inspired by the plight of the people she met on her travels. She took a special interest in their School Feeding program, which feeds and educates hungry children.

Lauren went on to create the FEED 1 bag, a reversible burlap and organic cotton bag reminiscent of the bags of food distributed by WFP, to help raise funds and awareness around these school feeding operations. It was stamped with “FEED the children of the world” and the number ‘1’ to signify that each bag feeds one child in school for one year. In 2007, FEED Projects LLC was founded to produce and sell the bags.

The FEED Foundation’s hallmark project is school feeding. School feeding is one of the most effective solutions to ending hunger and breaking the cycle of poverty, with school meal programs that encourage families to send their children to school, especially girls who might not otherwise attend. This food gives children energy to learn and empowers them to better their lives. When boys and girls are given a free, nutritious meal in school, research has shown that primary school attendance doubles and performance improves greatly. Also girls with just a few years of education have fewer children, have them later in life, and are better prepared to care for and educate them. For many children, a school lunch is the only meal they will receive all day.

In addition to the retail side, FEED Projects, FEED started a non-profit organisation called the FEED Foundation. Co-founded by Lauren Bush, the Foundation was started to supplement the efforts and raise valuable funds and support for the United Nations World Food Programme’s school feeding efforts. It has since grown to encompass school feeding efforts both stateside and abroad and provide aid during natural disasters and humanitarian crises worldwide. As of 2011, the FEED Foundation, in partnership with FEED Projects, has provided 60 million free, nutritious school meals to kids around the globe. FEED has also partnered with the US Fund for UNICEF, raising much-needed funds for their Vitamin A and micronutrient supplements program and providing over 46,000 children with essential nutrients.

Visit www.feedprojects.com for more info.


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