A year after the launch of their first desktop 3D printer at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, Cubify has upped its game and released not one, but two machines – their new and improved sequel, the Cube 2 and the larger CubeX, earning them a CES 2013 People’s Choice Award in the process.

Featuring a build platform that can handle prints up to 1,030 cubic inches (10.8 x 10.45 x 9.5-inches) – the size of a basketball – with the CubeX you can print toys, jewellery, machine parts and other plastic objects in just a few hours. With three printing modes, three different print-fill densities and resolutions up to 125 microns, like its lower-priced counterpart, the printer also features the ability to use both ABS and PLA plastics (in 30 different colors).

The CubeX brings 3D printing well and truly from the hackerspace to the world of consumer products, from tech enthusiasts and serious hobbyists, to entrepreneurs and educators who want to enjoy the consumer features like intuitive use and reliability while getting professional print quality.

Retail: CubeX $2,499, Cube 2 $1,299,


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