Credibility is the only thing that matters

I frequently get told that I get a lot of things done with ease and the people asking, want to know why. They say that I make it look easy and I don’t really know what to answer to that because its not difficult once you get the hang of it. I think that there are different elements that have to come together. You need the right timing, the right offer and the element that I’m discussing today.

Probably the hardest part of it all is to build your credibility. At the same time it is the most crucial part for any entrepreneur. When people think that you can do something or provide a product or service they need, they will naturally turn to you and be interested. The key to that is to start small in some ways because it is easier to make your mark with small projects and get people to give you bigger opportunities thereafter. If you go after the big deals right away you will most likely get turned down and you can’t build your reputation.

You have to able to understand your place in the world and make sure that your place evolves in the right way over time. There is no free lunch and there are no (legal) shortcuts. You can get some credibility if you have friends that are seasoned entrepreneurs who will vouch for you. Who you know is another important element in the world of business.

Once you have built up a certain experience and a track record in order to show your achievements you can walk into any meeting with you head held up high. There is one eternal truth in business: sales depend on your credibility. In any transaction you will first sell yourself and then your product because in the end its human nature, human relations and its all built on some form of subconscious trust. If you can get people to trust you then you will get what you want and the best part is that they will give it willingly.

If you don’t want to work twice as hard as everybody else, you need to have charisma – people have to notice you (in a good way) when you enter a room and its important to weigh the words that come out of your mouth.

In some shape or form you need to be manipulative. You have to show the side of yourself that people want to see and you need to tell them what they want to hear. In order not to lose yourself in all of this you have to find genuine moments in your life where you are yourself with people who love you for who you are. Otherwise you will accumulate a lot of things and relationships and none of them will be real. Be mindful of that!

Your appearance is another vital point in all of this. I’m certainly not saying that you should wear a suit and tie to succeed because personally I haven’t worn a a tie in a decade and I’m doing just fine but you have to have a clean and classy appearance in order for people to take you seriously.

All of this applies to the up and coming entrepreneur because those who have accumulated success and wealth generally don’t need the attention of anyone and are free to do as they please (within reason).

Voila my friends, this is my take on this subject. As usual, I’m happy to read any thoughts or comments you might have.