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The Elevator: Yachts For 2014

The Elevator: Yachts For 2014

Ocean going adventures are still top of the list when it comes to finding indulgent and secluded time off. We bring you three of the most exclusive private yachts on the market, so you can just relax and enjoy your next vacation. ST DAVID Launched in 2008 by the Benetti shipyard, the magnificent 60m custom-built

Travel: Luxury African Experiences

Working hard means playing equally hard. Elevator brings you some of the world’s most action-packed safari locations, to take you well off the beaten track. 5 night Luxury Botswana Mobile Safari This luxury mobile safari takes you into some of the most game rich areas of the Okavango Delta, all with a private luxury fully

Flying in the Face of Recession

If the aviation industry is any kind of barometer of economic recovery then the recent exponential growth of Air Partner, one of the world’s leading aviation companies, is a sure indication that things are looking up. A company’s balance sheet may not be one of the most obvious considerations when chartering a jet, but it’s

For the Craic

A holiday on the Emerald Isle is emerging as a must do for 2013, and there’s a lot of fun to be had in Ireland. Dublin’s architecture dates back to Georgian and Medieval times and with a population of only 4.5 million in the capital city, it’s easy to negotiate the castles, museums and art

Ocean Jewel

Dubrovnik, the ‘jewel of the Adriatic ocean’, is a city that continues to appeal to holidaymakers from far and wide, and it’s become quite a haunt for high-profile celebrities. A place of beautiful scenery, turquoise waters, pine trees to the sea’s edge and fresh, colourful Mediterranean food, there’s a strong Italian influence, which is not

Heart and Seoul

There’s a lot of energy in South Korea right now, business is thriving and as a tourist destination it’s gaining momentum. The mega-metropolis is home to some 10 million people, and is attracting a fresh new audience. Amongst the wide range of restaurants and shops there are tons of historical palaces and Buddhist temples where

Best Jets 2013

The private aviation industry had a rough couple of years with many people downgrading from owner to charter, charter to first and first to business, but things seem to be on the mend. Private flight is on the up and our favourite jet manufacturers are releasing some of the most exciting planes we’ve ever seen.

Intrepid Travelling

The tropical island of Sri Lanka has become the must-visit destination for intrepid travellers. For a small island it offers a lot; there are several UNESCO world heritage sites and magnificent remains of ancient Sinhalese kingdoms – such as 5th century rock fortress “Sigiriya” which is built in the shape of a crouching lion. Adrenaline

Polaroid iM1836

The world’s first Android camera with an interchangeable lens, Polaroid’s 18-megapixel iM1836 gives professional-quality results without the cost and complexity of a professional system. With its choice of materials, it translates over to one pretty lightweight camera – compact and ready to capture outstanding images wherever and whenever they happen. Featuring a 3.5” capacitive touchscreen

What Happens in Vegas..

The vibrant 24/7 party city of Las Vegas. Offering sunshine, shopping and glitz on a monumental scale, every hotel either has a casino or shopping mall attached to the side. The marble shines, the gold glistens, and the rooftop pools are bubbling over with bikini-clad party-goers. You might feel that there is little reason to