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Bright Ideas: Aragoma

Bright Ideas: Aragoma

Why the rise in popularity of internet auction sites is taking the art world by storm. Fuelled by a seemingly insatiable demand for art, dealers and buyers are seeing a new trend being established in the sector. That is, the rise in popularity of internet art auctions. Innovative ideas and investment are being channeled into

People Profiles: Carlos Slim

Business magnate Carlos Slim dominates Brazil’s megacorps and his influence is spreading across the border into the USA and beyond. We delve into the illustrious past of the world’s second richest man. This is how Carlos Slim was described by the Billionaire’s list bible, Forbes Magazine, in October of last year: ‘Carlos Slim Helú holds

The Elevator Jets 2014

Owning a private jet comes with many perks, one of them being the ability to touch down closer to your destination than even the most frequent flyer. We introduce this years aviation breakthroughs that are inspiring a new age of air transport. Dassault 5X Dassault are cutting metal on the latest Falcon. It hasn’t flown

The Glass World

We’ve never been so dependent on Smartphones and laptops; they’re intricately woven into our daily lives. As we edge closer to George Orwell’s fable of an ever-watching state, what protection is out there for us? Mobile technologies have altered the way we communicate and the way in which communications travel. The pace of it has

Hassleblad Stellar

Swedish camera firm, Hassleblad, known for it’s collaboration with NASA (twelve of their cameras are still on the moon’s surface dating back to the 1960’s lunar explorations), has released a consumer-aimed model, the Stellar, a compact point-and-shoot for people who don’t want to bother with all the complex aperture settings and shutter speeds of an

McLaren P1 Hybrid

McLaren’s flagship P1 Hybrid, the most powerful 12C to date, might just be the first hypercar to achieve success in the race between manufacturers to produce an ‘F1-for-the-road’. At the very least, it comes ridiculously close. P1 is the spiritual heir to McLaren’s 1993 F1, which to this day remains one of the fastest production cars

Flying in the Face of Recession

If the aviation industry is any kind of barometer of economic recovery then the recent exponential growth of Air Partner, one of the world’s leading aviation companies, is a sure indication that things are looking up. A company’s balance sheet may not be one of the most obvious considerations when chartering a jet, but it’s

Seven ‘Deadly Sins': the Riskiness of Egocentric Business Leaders

A new study warns too few Boards adequately review the danger of senior management, putting companies in jeopardy. According to the study by MWM Consulting, the board advisory and search firm that acts for some of the world’s largest companies, Company Boards should monitor and review behavioural risk before it’s too late, citing examples of

Breaking the Wealth Taboo

Over the next 20 years, over £1trillion is due to be passed down from one generation to the next in the UK. New research published by Coutts reveals that when it comes to protecting their wealth for future generations, Britain’s millionaires are not being proactive enough. Families are growing in size and complexity and people

The BitCoin Boom (And Bust?)

Here at Elevator, we’ve been keeping an eye on all the BitCoin comings and goings. An unlikely threat to hard currency, the digital crypto-currency became bigger than anyone expected. Only three months ago, a Bitcoin was worth $20, then its value passed the $200 mark and it was being hailed by many as a revolution. But how