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Build your own Style!

Build your own Style!

In my years as an aspiring entrepreneur I crosses paths with a great number of people who are great in their respective fields and most of them found a style of doing business that suited them well. The funny thing is that (again) most of them were convinced that their way was the only way

Credibility is the only thing that matters

I frequently get told that I get a lot of things done with ease and the people asking, want to know why. They say that I make it look easy and I don’t really know what to answer to that because its not difficult once you get the hang of it. I think that there

To do or not to do?

One of the essential things in business (and life in general for that matter) is to never procrastinate if you have a choice, and you always have a choice. If you catch yourself saying “I’ll do that tomorrow” or “I’ll do that later” and you have no valid reason, then you are making a big

Time isn’t money….

The statement “time is money” has always disturbed me. Sure, in some way it is true because time equates to money when it comes to hourly rates and what not, but if you look at it with the proper perspective, time is so much more than money. Why? Because the only real asset we possess

Diversity is good business

Business is like anything else; amongst other things it requires a lot of common sense to get the proper results. One of the most common sense conceptions should be: Don’t bet it all on one horse! Failure is always a possibility, that’s a truth you need to consider and accept. When failure looms, it helps

Luxury defined!

An essential question you can strive to answer for yourself is: what is luxury? In an ever changing world, the definition of luxury is worlds apart for a lot of people. For example! 20 years ago, it was a luxury for someone to own a mobile phone. Today, it’s is a luxury NOT to have

Cash is King

In our life it seems that its getting more and more irrelevant to have cash when our money is on bank servers. But is that really the case? For the longest time, cash has always been king for different reasons. The main reasons are the following: Either you are favoured for paying cash because it

The world is a talent show!

In life, there is only so much you can achieve by effort alone. You need a talent to attain the real heights of success. Something that I’ve always believed in is the fact that you need to know exactly who you are and what you are good at in order to get to where you

You’ve got the power!

To many people, money is the ultimate goal but to some, money means nothing. To these individuals, power means everything. In my opinion, no extreme is ever good… But you need to pursue your own little quest for power because in order to have real success you will need a bit of both. In your business

Make Money!

Making money is very important. I’m sure that thus far it’s a no-brainer statement! “hey, we don’t need this guy to tell us that we have to make money…” But all jokes aside. What I mean by my statement that you have to make money is that you shouldn’t give your time or your product