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The New Hunter Gatherers

The New Hunter Gatherers

The food industry is quickly evolving, which means innovations and investment opportunities are evolving too. There are many factors at play but three major trends are steering market growth. In the face of global food shortages, resources must be channeled into sustainable alternatives, a scenario that brings about some interesting possibilities. At the same time

Sports Industry: Who’s Making The Money?

Unsurprisingly, Football (or soccer, if you prefer) is the highest paid team sport. Out of the teams with the top ten average weekly pay, seven were European clubs. Over the past 12 months, Barcelona’s weekly pay has increased 10 percent to an astonishing USD $8.7 million a year. Manchester City’s average salary went up 26

Frank M. Ahearn Interview: How To Disappear Without Trace

If we wanted to is it possible to disappear without a trace? We interviewed Frank M. Ahearn, master in the art of extreme privacy. If you’re still reading this you are either curious about how to disappear or searching for a remedy to a difficult situation. So how do we realistically achieve anonymity and remove

People Profiles: Nicholas Woodman

When Felix Baumgartner threw himself from a 24-mile-high platform in 2012, he broke both the sound barrier and multiple world records. He also had five cameras strapped to his body – all of them made by GoPro. The lightweight and wearable cameras have become essential kit for adrenaline junkies, capturing dare-devil footage the world over.

Fire With Fire

FireEye (NASDAQ:FEYE), the cyber security company dedicated to protecting companies against malware attacks, is drawing a glut of investor attention. The company has been aggressively expanding since it went public in September, raising more than USD $300 million at +80% higher than expected. Shares have continued to gain value (currently trading at USD $86), securing

Asset Management: Bitcoin Trading

There’s an understandable nervousness surrounding Bitcoin, and for very good reason. The collapse of Mt. Gox has left investors short-changed to the tune of USD $460 million and this could prove to be a pivotal moment in the story of Bitcoin, as the crypto-currency looks unlikely to disappear any time soon. The creator of Bitcoin,

People Profiles: Warren Buffett

The flat, wide open spaces of the American Midwest are associated with a particularly quiet and folksy way of life. Antiquated, even. In the recent Alexander Payne movie, Nebraska, Bruce Dern’s taciturn Woody is an old geezer on one last vainglorious quest across the eponymous state’s endless horizons in search of a bogus sweepstakes prize

Best Jets 2013

The private aviation industry had a rough couple of years with many people downgrading from owner to charter, charter to first and first to business, but things seem to be on the mend. Private flight is on the up and our favourite jet manufacturers are releasing some of the most exciting planes we’ve ever seen.

The Tale of Greed and the Vicious Circle of Human Nature

Our editor, Patrick Gruhn takes a look at the human condition and what’s wrong with us today. It is one of the most commonly found symptoms of modern society, the insatiable appetite for more and that’s regardless of what we already have. When have you ever heard someone say: Oh I’ve got enough, I don’t

Mobile Security

Using encryption, ciphers and peer to peer messaging, Redact sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers. We spent years believing that BlackBerry messenger was secure, safe and encrypted, but when the London riots broke out last year, the British government were able to request all the information