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Credibility is the only thing that matters

I frequently get told that I get a lot of things done with ease and the people asking, want to know why. They say that I make it look easy and I don’t really know what to answer to that because its not difficult once you get the hang of it. I think that there

Blurred lines of business…

In today’s world, the rules are always shifting and what’s legal today may be illegal tomorrow. It seems to me that the biggest fortunes are created where the lines are blurred, but that’s not a secret… Just take the trade of Marijuana in the USA nowadays. Yesterday this plant was the devil and today its the

Cheap Money & Big Opportunities!

I suppose that there is only so much general business philosophy I can write about without boring you all to death… If you follow this blog its most likely because you are interested in business and entrepreneurship and there is one thing that greatly affects business: currencies! The cost and availability of money, foreign and domestic,

No risk no fun

The entrepreneur, by definition, undertakes ventures. By doing so, he (or she) is taking risks. In my opinion it is those risks that make our breed feel alive. Much like a soldier or mercenary choses to go into battle to put his life at stake in order to feel alive and to win, we put

It’s not personal…

In business, it is very easy to let emotions take over. You can take things personal that are by no means personal and that’s a grave mistake. One of the biggest mistakes you can make in the professional world, is to think that any given deal is about you – it’s never about you, it’s

Just be cool!

One of the biggest struggles for any entrepreneur, usually in the early years of his or her career, is to be patient and to maintain a certain calm. Every day I encounter people who try to push for progress because they are desperate to make that one deal. In many cases that sort of behaviour

The Noodle Boom

Noodles are a symbol of longevity in Chinese culture; they are as much a part of a Chinese birthday celebration as a birthday cake with lit candles is in many countries. Since noodles do symbolise long life, it’s considered very unlucky to cut up a strand. Now, for Wall Street, noodles will also symbolise good

Asset Management: South America Focus

South America has long been a mixed bag for investors. The continent has seen high growth in many areas but in others political and economic uncertainty are ongoing. Emerging Market (EM) shares across the globe have taken a battering this year and the flight of investors from the once-booming EMs they previously favoured has been

Asset Management: Bitcoin Trading

There’s an understandable nervousness surrounding Bitcoin, and for very good reason. The collapse of Mt. Gox has left investors short-changed to the tune of USD $460 million and this could prove to be a pivotal moment in the story of Bitcoin, as the crypto-currency looks unlikely to disappear any time soon. The creator of Bitcoin,