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The Awards 2013: FAMILY OFFICES

The Awards 2013: FAMILY OFFICES

Picking out the best family office means pin-pointing the one service provider that makes you feel like you can rely on them for everything and anything. Against common belief, size doesn’t matter at all when it comes to family offices. On the contrary, its often the small and nimble firms that will strive more to

Zeal iON HD Camera Goggle

Forging the way for technologically savvy ski goggles, Colorado-based company Zeal has developed the iON high-definition camera goggle – designed for capturing adventures on the slopes without ever having to take your gloves off. The in-built 170 degree wide-angle camera takes 1080p HD video, captures sound, and can shoot up to 8 megapixel photos with

The Awards 2013: FOREX FUNDS

Our team took a thorough look at all the Forex funds out there and found the following gems. We hope you can give them the nod of agreement.  Winner | FOREX FUNDS Capricorn Strategies In a marketplace that is becoming ever more investment-led and performance-driven, Capricorn Strategies was established to provide unique investment advisory services. Supervised

People Profiles: Jae-Sang Park

Korean superstar PSY has taken the world by storm. His unique style of pop music and entertaining music videos have captured the world’s attention, but how has this viral success been transformed into a business empire? Korean singer, songwriter and record producer PSY has taken YouTube – and the world – by storm. The music

The Awards 2013: PRIVATE BANKS

What’s the best way to evaluate a private bank? We think two factors are most important: a solid balance sheet and skilled management and advisers. We’ve picked some institutions where the client is still king.   The art of private banking in an ever changing regulatory landscape is a challenging task. Some have failed miserably and

Is it time to look beyond the obvious?

When church bells are stolen for scrap metal, you know commodities are still in demand. But what’s going to further your cause and what will stall your portfolio in 2013? I’ve just been watching Steen Jakobsen, Saxo Bank’s chief economist, give his predictions on the commodities market for the forthcoming year. Jakobsen has often made

The Awards 2013: HEDGE FUNDS

Although the breed of hedge funds has been under fire since the beginning of the financial crisis in 2008, many firms are doing very well for investors and its important to show who they are. Clever ideas and double-digit returns have propelled these firms to the top of our list and we’re confident that we’ve picked

The Future of Robotics

Robots aren’t quite ready to overthrow us humans – for the time being, we’re safe. But just what can our mechanical friends get up to these days? We have a look at two of the innovative companies that are setting new trends in the 3D robotics sector. 3D ROBOTICS INC. In an age where digital


And the winner is… Our team took a thorough look at private equity funds and came to the conclusion that there are a few sparkling stars you should know about. These firms have it all. Experience, success and talent. They are doing the deals that you read about in the paper and they are generating

Drive Time

As one of the world’s most prestigious watch brands, Vacheron Constantin’s pedigree and recognized cachet is without question. The Historiques American 1921 is an updated version of their original tilted cushion-shaped driving watch, proving that even the most timeless of timepieces can benefit from the occasional upgrade. A driving watch that could be read at