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Candyscape II

Candyscape II

Given the name behind her design, superyacht Candyscape II is as spectacular as you might expect. Built in 1994 by Italian shipyard Benetti, the neutral interiors are a breathtaking combination of 21st century chic and 1930s glamour of the highest quality, by world-renowned interior designers Candy & Candy. At 62 metres (203 ft), Candyscape may

The best return isn’t always in the bank

Alternative Investments have often outperformed the traditional markets but as you think outside the box, its a fine line between great success and utter failure. Debates on whether artworks are an asset or an investment continue and often luck plays a key part for investors. Buying art purely from the perspective of making a good

Panerai Radiomir 10 Days GMT Platano

Officine Panerai are the unrivalled leaders in the over-scaled luxury watch market, and with a super-sized 45mm polished platinum case diameter, the limited edition Radiomir 10 Days GMT Platano is no exception for the iconic brand. Originally developed to withstand the toughest conditions for the Royal Italian Navy in 1936, Panerai’s Radiomir is now considered

Up, up and away!

The stock markets of the world have been overly volatile for several years and investors have their guard up. What’s in store for 2013? A review of the stock markets during 2012 makes for surprising reading and a glint of good news. Factor in the stalling US economy and a presidential election, the European debt

People Profiles: Xi Jinping

From humble beginnings, Xi Jinping has risen to dizzy heights, with power over the world’s largest economies. How has Jinping contributed towards making China the economic superpower that it currently is today? China has built a fearsome reputation as a growth economy over the last 30 years and has outperformed all neighboring East Asian Tiger

A Piece of the Pi

For what’s essentially a low-cost, credit card size PC, the somewhat unconventional Raspberry Pi has turned into a world-scale masterstroke. Invented by a British foundation, it was designed with the intention of teaching computer programming in school, but its versatility has instantly catapulted the Pi into the global marketplace. The Pi is an exposed circuit

People Profiles: Stephen A Schwarzman

Blackstone is one of the greatest success stories of the modern day, we have a look at the man behind it and understand how Stephen A Schwarzman was able to build this financial behemoth. Stephen Schwarzman has enjoyed a stellar career, by any standard, and is listed among Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People in

TV or not TV

Ever since Steve Jobs spoke of an integrated television set to his biographer, Walter Isaacson, that ‘could be seamlessly synced with all of your devices and with iCloud’, Apple’s own-brand HDTV has been vehemently anticipated. Yet the alleged smart television has so far remained shrouded in mystery – and considering the barrage of leaked information

What’s in the Paper?

Which horse does the smart money back in 2013? There are interesting plays ahead as the global economy continues to slowly recover. A New Year signals a new playing field in the FX markets, with many predicting a weaker JPY. Two years of trade deficit and a continued strong performance from the yen no longer

Project Glass

You’d anticipate that a research and development project with such a futuristic name like ‘Project Glass’ to be something pretty special. And by all accounts, it is. Being run by Google X Lab, the brains behind other technologies such as self-driving cars, the programme is dedicated to the development of a head-mounted, augmented-reality (AR) micro-screen