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Mobile Security

Mobile Security

Using encryption, ciphers and peer to peer messaging, Redact sends heavily encrypted messages from one phone to another without passing through any central servers. We spent years believing that BlackBerry messenger was secure, safe and encrypted, but when the London riots broke out last year, the British government were able to request all the information

Classically Complex

For a brand dedicated to the values of tradition, art and elegance, Breguet is still able to impress avid watch collectors with cutting-edge techniques and the Classique Grande Complication 5317 pays stunning tribute to their magnificent 200-year-old watchmaking traditions. On June 26th 1801 (or 7 Messidor Year 9, as the Republic calendar was still in


For most of us a thermostat might not generate a lot of excitement, but bear with us, because the Nest is no ordinary home heating control. It’s been dubbed ‘the iPod of thermostats’ and looking at its sleek, smart design, it’s easy to see why. That, and the fact that the design team behind Nest’s

Supercar Success

The Pagani Zonda is one of the world’s most desirable supercars, but how has this company spung up, and have they managed to out engineer Ferrari and Lamborghini? The world of supercars is a powerful magnet for eccentrics and thrill-seekers and if you have the cash to play with you’ll be spoilt for choice with

Mega Yachts

They say the two happiest day of a yacht owners life are the day he buys it, and the day he sell it. By that logic, we think you should buy and sell lots of yachts, that way you’ll be truly happy – with loads of boats! To get you started, we present you with

Building Blocks

We take an in depth look at the history and dramatic changes the team behind Lego have had to make over the years to keep the business profitable. Last month my father came to visit and brought with him, for my son, a large yellow bucket of assorted and mismatched Lego he’d picked up in


What stands 4 foot 3 inches tall, weighs 119 lbs, walks red carpets at film premieres and makes guest appearances at the leading science museums and academic institutions all over the world? The answer is ASIMO, the most advanced humanoid robot ever created. Developed by Honda, ASIMO (which stands for ‘Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility’)

Patek Philippe 5204P

Patek Philippe’s impressive credentials go without saying. But the soon-to-be-launched classic Ref. 5204p perpetual calendar goes beyond impressive. The split seconds chronograph is powered by a Caliber CHR 29-535 PS Q – a highly complex, in-house movement – and a Gyromax balance that beats at an astounding 28,800 bph (4Hz).  It is manually wound and

The New Workout

The technology industry has gone mainstream; it’s penetrated our daily news, our entertainment. And health gadgets are everywhere. The editorial team here at The Elevator are self confessed gadget freaks, and we’ve been scouring the shows to bring you some of the most exciting health and training tools of the year. BASIS BAND The Basis

People Profiles: Barack Obama

The man has just been given a second term as the leader of the free world. We look back at his previous four year tenure, and consider what might be in store between now and the next American election. On November 4, 2008, Barack Hussein Obama II became the 44th President of the United States.