Build your own Style!

In my years as an aspiring entrepreneur I crosses paths with a great number of people who are great in their respective fields and most of them found a style of doing business that suited them well. The funny thing is that (again) most of them were convinced that their way was the only way that good business will work. As a matter of fact, you can’t believe such statements because there is not one way but countless ways to become successful in life. A lot of people enjoy the sound of their own voice and they love dispensing advice. I have nothing against advice because its often a genuine attempt to help someone else with the best knowledge at their disposal. You might think now that I’m giving you advice too but all I’m doing is sharing my knowledge, experience and thoughts and I’m putting it out there without any conditions. To me, that’s different than advice because I’m not in your face, telling you what to do. Do you see the difference?

Probably the best idea is to “mix and match” all the advice that comes your way and whatever makes sense to you, you can make it your own. I’ve always thought that everyone you meet has something to teach and they know something that you don’t know…

You are your own man (woman) and you have your own specific skill set which means that its not forcibly compatible with the skill set of the person who gives you advice. What works for him (her) doesn’t have to work for you and that’s the truth.  I think that in today’s day and age there is no room for rigidity any more – we all have to be flexible and adapt quickly whenever needed.

When it comes to your own style, it is important to maintain a certain perspective. You have to be able to take two steps back and look at yourself and how you go about things. Why? Because if you stay in your little bubble you can’t get a good overview. Building your style requires a certain objectivity and self-criticism. You have to analyse what doesn’t work for you and why so that you turn failures into life lessons. Personal growth is one thing that we cannot live without if we want to make our way to the top. We always have to develop our skills and grow beyond our limits in order to succeed again and again.

If you want to mix and match, the best way would be to follow those leaders that you aspire to in your field or in sectors that are interesting to you. Much like “what would Jesus do” you can for example say “what would Steve Jobs do”. Its important to gain perspective and to look at your situation from different angles to get the best result and to better improve yourself over time.

The biggest mistake you can make in my opinion is to try to mimic someone else or try to be just like them because it will always seem a little bit off and people will notice it. You have to be yourself in everything you do – its the red line that flows through your life, you have to lead not follow.