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Why the rise in popularity of internet auction sites is taking the art world by storm.

Fuelled by a seemingly insatiable demand for art, dealers and buyers are seeing a new trend being established in the sector. That is, the rise in popularity of internet art auctions. Innovative ideas and investment are being channeled into web-based solutions, improving people’s access and enticing an entirely new breed of clients.

One company that’s perfectly positioned to service the web-based trend is Swiss company Aragoma, a website that is quickly galvanizing its reputation as the go-to online auction destination for art. Aragoma allows registered users to buy and sell to each other quickly and easily through an instant bidding process which means both parties can find the best possible price. The idea is simple: provide a solution for buyers and sellers alike to search for, sell and purchase art in a fast and cost-efficient manner.

Because the site utilises the latest technology and an intuitive search system, browsing and filtering through the collections is swift and easy. The registration is closely monitored by the Aragoma team so clients can be sure any bids for their artwork will be honest and legitimate – and will stay private. Amongst the features in the user-friendly interface, users can communicate in real time via live chat and structure bids in a simple and graphical format.

Being online, Aragoma is able to offer lower fees than traditional auction houses such as Christie’s and Sotheby’s so it’s pricing is competitive for the services it provides. Members can upload and sell art, for free, across a wide range of niche areas, using the easy 90-day listing service. Or they can upgrade to a premium, unlimited account at a cost of CHF 199. The benefit of the premium listing is that members have an unrestricted listing timeframe and they can upload an unlimited number of images and documents relating to each of their artworks.

Aragoma has become indispensable for art professionals who want an instant analysis of the market and its pricing trends, as well as providing the means to communicate inexpensively and on a global level with other collectors. It’s a practice that’s attracting new collectors at every price level and from all around the world.

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