About The Elevator Magazine

The Elevator is an innovative private equity magazine which is celebrating its 8th anniversary in 2014. We are gender unbiased and reach an audience aged between 25-65 years of age with an emphasis on the age bracket from 30-40. We attain key participants in the private equity sector, especially HNW and UHNW individuals.

The Elevator understands its target audience and knows how to connect with it. We know about their financial resources but most importantly we know what they are interested in. We don’t make assumptions about our readers but we are in tune with what they want, which keeps us ahead of the game.

We focus on quality both in terms of content and readership. Less is more… When targeting the world’s wealthiest, we don’t focus on numbers but instead we aim to get our magazine in the hands of the people who count.

The Elevator Writer

Our contributors are features writers, novelists, thinkers and experts in their respective fields. The Elevator presents stories – entertaining and involving ones.

Our editorial is our own, in our tone of voice and independent of influence.

This not only helps to keep our readers interested in what we chose to cover every issue, but builds trust. Our writers are encouraged to be honest and our readers know this.

The Elevator Reader

The Elevator is a specialty publication, which means that our readers are well informed about the general topics they read. Our readers are discerning and curious; it is our goal to provide objective information to our audience because this kind of readership is particularly skilled at calling a bluff and will lose interest quickly if the content is not up to their standard. Investors and entrepreneurs look to our magazine for direct information and interesting angles to further their own causes. The HNW reader crosses paths with many publications on a daily basis and it is our job to get on their radar and stay on the “to read” list, which we have achieved for many years running.